Monday, August 5, 2013

Blogger Meetup in Chicago: Jenn Im, Olivia Lopez, Claire Marshall

i met jenn im of clothesencounters! chitown skyline heyclaire and lusttforlife
A quick update from the airport terminal: I had the astounding luck to meet three of my favourite bloggers/youtubers in Chicago this weekend at Lolla. Olivia (LusttforLife) and Claire (ohhaiclaire) were at The Bean and I bumped into Jenn (clothesencounters) in line. They were down-to-earth and friendly. It was especially inspirational chatting with Olivia because she is very petite and has been a fearless explorer of high fashion since her early teen years, rocking maxi skirts without breaking a sweat. What a freaking experience summertime in Chicago is - many adventures to recount in upcoming posts!

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