Friday, March 9, 2012

H&M Spring/March 2012 Fitting Room Review

Florals! Leather! Florals! I am cray cray for these things and H&M has been my outlet for these massive sartorial cravings. While you lucky ducks in big cities braved the Marni x H&M collection release this morning, I sat back and enjoyed my birthday haul. So, here's what's in store for March 2012 H&M Spring. See what I found last month in this recent fitting room review. The black pumps are from Payless (size 5). Went a little buy-happy and will probably return/sell most of this xD You should definitely check out my friend Alice's H&M fitting room review for more work appropriate/less crazy pieces she found at the same mall :)

1) H&M pastel floral flare top (size S), $18 USD
I've been eyeing these flared tops for a while now and never thought they'd look good. They're pretty cute to give more curvy shape and it doesn't look bad with tights (though I'm still not going to run around without my butt covered!) and sneakers, as on the left. It skims over the butt nicely. This top is very thin and upon closer inspection not EXACTLY the same colour and definitely not the same texture as the skirt (below). It's full of pastel big flowers and the base colour is a light grey/taupe.
- Verdict: Purchased, wanted to try it out with the pencil skirt I got back in December/January (see below). Maybe return/sell.

Intentionally dark photo to show the floral detail

2) H&M pastel floral pencil skirt with brown croc belt (size 4), $25
Pastel giant flowers, so spring! Excuse the crappy phone pics - my camera batteries were dead that day. The skirt is actually very much knee length but the angle was funky in the photo. It is SUPER tight and runs really small so I should have considered getting a size 6. After wearing it for a day, it always rode up to mid-thigh because of my bulky thighs of mine and wrinkled ugily because of the stiff fabric. The belt is super cute though and a soft texture. It can be detached of course.
- Verdict: Purchased, really was dreaming of spring back in January or so ... considering selling!

What I wore for shopping. It was really cold. All H&M lol except the purple shirt (F21) and shoes (Converse)

3) H&M neon and black floral knit pencil skirt (size S), $18
The fit is a little loose but I really enjoy the knit texture. I was looking for the pants in this print but my store didn't have it. This is a more extreme version of the pastel pencil skirt above but the fabric is more forgiving and it will stay pencil as I walk because it's stretchy. The pastel floral top also works tucked into bottoms so that the flare doesn't show.
- Verdict: Purchased but might return
Quite a bit of wiggle room for a Small

4) H&M faux leather pants w/ zipper pockets (size 4 and 6), $30
The leather is so soft! And not only am I obsessed with my leather jacket that I got 2 falls ago (wear it allll the time) and my new leather leggings, now this pair of black leather pants will be another go-to no-brainer closet staple. I tried it on in a size 4 and 6, with the 4 being a little too tight and the 6 being loose in weird areas (leg) and scrunching up a storm. I was worried about too much leather but leather+leather looks okay. Feeding the insatiable rocker inside hahaha.
- Verdict: Purchased size 4, excited for all the potentials!
Size comparison

5) H&M grey button down pencil skirt w/ black skinny belt (size 4), $25
Tried this on a while ago too (Jan?) and it's cute but too tight for me. Also, without work to dress for now there's no need to go this librarian-formal, though it is quite cute. It is knee length and comes with a skinny belt. Here is this skirt on Alice, paired with a kelly green work blouse (much more flattering on her frame). 
- Verdict: Pass

6) H&M cuffed khaki shorts w/ belt (size 4), $18
It's hard to find a pair of shorts that's the right length for me. For some reason my butt and legs make everything look 4 inches shorter when I put it on. These are a modest length on the rack but hit at the right area once on, whew!
- Verdict: Purchased
Didn't try these on but was intrigued because of the punchy tropical pink/orange and bright yellow colours (with a nice belt attached). It also comes in paisley blue which was interesting but not my cup of tea.
Sleeveless work dresses, belted with slight pleated chest - these are THE CUTEST. But $50 a pop, I need to find an actual job to get that .. irony much? Comes in a watercolour orange/grey, nautical preppy light blue/green/white.
Side buttons!
Gold apple/pineapple pendant necklaces. Cute!
Kelly green crossbody bag
Pretty white lace layered scarf, pinned with a matching flower. I liked the display with the belt and sunglasses too
Readers - which items do you think I should return/keep?
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Avielle Rose March 9, 2012 at 10:13 AM   said...

wow I love the floral skirt. I'm going to have to check out H&M this weekend. Great post!

Amy March 9, 2012 at 10:23 AM   said...

Lurve the floral combination!! So PRETTYYY *-*

Amy Xx

KRISTY March 9, 2012 at 12:55 PM   said...

I love the black floral print skirt on you so much more than the pastel one, so keep the black! KEEP IT! :)

Alice Gu March 9, 2012 at 2:49 PM   said...

oh the neon ish floral pencil skirt!!! It looks fantastic on you! I think that if you were looking for that print anyways, the skirt flatters your body, which I think you should take into consideration. I remember it being unlined but the fabric is knit and stretchy (so tucking in shirts or sweaters won't be as obvious and clunky)....sooooo....I'm kind of in the middle on this skirt @_@ I bet you are too.

you should take a picture of the pastel floral skirt with the matching top togehter! voila a dress!

Marianna March 9, 2012 at 5:24 PM   said...

Do not read if you don't like LONG comments:
hey again,
thank you so much for your oh so kind comment, it really touched my heart. I wasn't trying to flatter you with my previous comments and i am glad you didn't take it that way. :D
Again thank you so much for your kind words, i really hope to keep in touch with you through our posts (and expect a lot of comments coming from me- i mean it if i like a blog and a blogger i won't shut up :p), although i have met many wondeful bloggers via blogging i rarely feel attached to a blog and somehow your blog did that to me, maybe it was the fact that you so openly talked about your mother. which shows that you really take into consideration your reader. Not many do that.
Sorry for mumbling incoherently once again (i do that a lot)...back to your post...
i liked almost all pieces featured here except the work dresses, which are not my thing, and that grey librarian inspired work skirt which was very conservative for a girl that has legs like you, seriously your legs are fab- i wish mine looked that way.
on to the good stuff:
i really liked your shopping outfit with all the reds, purples and greys-fab color combination, your leather jacket was to die for- i have a thing for l.jackets
and your leather leggings also fab.
your floral top-hmmm i am not a fan of floral tops or anything floral especially when mix and matched but i liked that top on you especially with the leggings.
the skirts i like the beige one but the black one suits you better.
however the thing i want (and you should mail me :P) is::::::
your shorts!!!!!!!
i am not one to wear shorts because my legs are kind of sturdy and my hips wide due to my mediterannean genes (i am Greek) and no shorts suit me well, and to be honest the shorts sold here and probably everywhere are too short- and too revealing and they make me look sturdy. I've been searching for a similar pair everywhere but i found none :(
they look fab on you, they are exactly what i want...
(the one that never shuts up)

Marianna March 9, 2012 at 5:26 PM   said...

now you wish you never commented back on my blog...

Unknown March 9, 2012 at 6:46 PM   said...

I love those pineapple necklaces! And you look so cute in the khaki shorts and purple top. I love the casual get-up, something right up my alley. And floral skirts are a new thing to me. I've never seen such a bold, floral skirt! I love it :D I love your big chunky scarf!

Marianna March 9, 2012 at 7:03 PM   said...

regarding your question, i live in Athens the capital and we have various h&m stores but they lack in sizes, i rarely find shorts or pants that fit me...almost all of them are size 2, and you can rarely find a decent size 4 or 6- i still don't get why though- greek women have plenty of curves to sport, how are we supposed to fit in size 2 when its so narrow in the hips and butt area?
i'll definetely check out for similar shorts though, maybe i'll find yours as well.

Katherine Tealeaf March 9, 2012 at 8:33 PM   said...

Omgosh you're so lucky I don't even get H&M where I live and it's one of my favourite stores! All these clothes look fantastic, I'm such a fan of the pineapple necklace haha!

Carla March 10, 2012 at 2:26 AM   said...

I tried on the floral skirt too and it was way too big on me too =( I tried xs. And I have the apple necklace hehe

Am2Pm Chic March 10, 2012 at 4:10 AM   said...

Awesome post, those floral skirts are gorgeous. Nice photos as well.

sugar sugar March 11, 2012 at 11:01 AM   said...

i like the floral skirt and leather pants! :)

lisacng March 15, 2012 at 4:40 PM   said...

You look great in the shorts. I'm so jealous!

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