Thursday, May 13, 2010

FOTD + OOTD: Fiberwig, Latte Eyes, Angel Wing Star Earrings from Sophia!

YAY! Huge celebratory post for THE END OF SCHOOL! I was so ready for this semester to be over since January, so ready for Orgo 2 to stop torturing me, so ready to be home sweet home! And here I am, back in lovely San Diego : ) I have missed my family a lot, missed good food, missed my Lucky puppy, ready for videogames (definitely need to beat lots of Final Fantasy XIII action and improve on shooters), ready for sleeping, so ready for the beach and pandas at the zoo! I should put up pictures from my visit during Winter Break xD So much to blog, so little time!

Sad thing is, I had to give my boyfriend his camera back so now my pictures will suck with my Kodak Easyshare xD I will look into getting a nicer point-and-shoot and a tripod soon :3

So, this Fiberwig business. $24 a pop at Sephora, red fancy tube with cool little fibers, does the interesting warm water removal (comes off in tubesss), totally caved and I'm glad it works! An amazing tip I learned from Eki is to apply 3 coats, letting each layer dry before applying the next. Watch your lashes build up and the KEY thing is to use a heated lash curler to make your lashes fan out and up. You can have lashes a mile long but no one will see them unless you curl them! Obviously, don't go back over with your normal lash curler because that would HURT. If you have those skillz, go for it. I don't like ripping out lashes though x_x. So I got my heated lash curler at Sephora for $12 and it works great! Wish it would heat up just a little more but then it might start melting things ... xD

Products Used:
ELF Studio Concealer Pencil
ELF Studio Complexion Perfection
ELF Studio Eyebrow Kit in Dark
ELF Mineral Primer
Wet n Wild E/S Palette in Vanity (shimmery bronze all over lid & along lower lashline, shimmery pearl for browbone, gold on middle of lid, dark matte cocoa on outer V)
ELF Studio Creme Eyeliner in Black
Imju Fiberwig Mascara (3 coats), Sephora heated lash curler
ELF Lipgloss in Goddess, then Revlon Nude Attitude Lipstick over it

Blue Open-back Turtleneck, F21
Grey Shorts, F21
White low-heel pumps, Payless
Geo Angel Glue lenses

The palette: Wet n Wild in Vanity, nice browns (3 matte shadows, 3 shimmery ones), super pigmented with primer! Don't use their crappy brush thing

I look really different ...
Wet n Wild Craze in Glitz, it's so obscenely obnoxious, I can't help but LOVE it
Sophia MADE these! She is such a sweetheart ~ I'll have a post on her lovely love package ♥ Angel Wing Earrings with cute rounded stars omggggg I've been wearing these religiously. She knew I always wanted a pair of angel wing earrings. Thank you so much!
Yeah I realize I look like an alien. Right hand (left in the pic): Wet n Wild Craze in Goldmine; Left hand (right in pic): Wet n Wild Craze in Glitz. But seriously!? LOOK AT THAT FIBERWIG ACTION. I have major lashes!
Funky position, I know. Trying to show you the back elegant open circle thing. It has 3 buttons in the neck, covered by my hair.
Hope you enjoyed! This was a hefty post of lots of things, but with your permission, I'm going to start ultra posting muahaha. You'll get to see a change of scenery too as I no longer am stuck using dorm bathroom lighting xD

When does summer start for you and what's the first thing you're going to do?


Anonymous May 13, 2010 at 9:37 PM   said...

you are one hot mama! && cute earings (:

enjoy your break!!! aren't you gonna miss ur bf though -_- love the outfit (; super hot bod!

&& the lashes look great, i've been using the covergirl lash blast because i don't think i wanna drop 24 on one thing of mascara haha

s May 13, 2010 at 9:59 PM   said...

Omg I just logged in to blogger and saw this! Wow so many things to say... well first I like the angel lens!! I want Angel series now, in like 3 dif colors haha.

You hair! You're right it looks TOTALLY dif! I like it! Your straight hair looks really college-y and youthful, and this curled hair with the bangs looks more grown up and sophisticated!

The alien pic is funny. It's so funny how the lens move too, so sometimes it covers different parts of the iris haha. Good thing it's only noticeable in a huge zoomed in pic!

I realized that my nudy lens actually DO have an enlarging effect, but only I open my eyes wiiide open so you can see the lens haha. But I have seriously chinky eyes so the enlarging effect is lost >.< You're lucky that your eyes are large enough that you can see the outside of the lens!

The earrings look gorgeous on you! The first pair I made ~ my sister saw them and took them haha. I think I told you before, but I have other angel wings (not as cute) that're quite common.. I've seen them around a lot.. but I don't know how to use them yet. When I figure it out for sure I'm sending you a pair!!

s May 13, 2010 at 10:00 PM   said...

p.s. summer never starts for me :( In the real world you get TWO measly weeks off for the year, and that's it :\ Stay in college as long as possible Angie!! Seriously! Do you watch the tv show Greek? Be like Kappy :)

Unknown May 13, 2010 at 10:35 PM   said...

You are so cute! :) The mascara is great! I used to have it too but I wasted it :( I didnt know the "strategy" to wear it and mine got dried up :/ Yes, it's a pretty expensive product! Aye :p

Love that you are using ELF :D Do you like it? =)
It looks good on you! Flawless skin :)

Liana May 13, 2010 at 11:05 PM   said...

you look so adorable, as usual! congrats on finishing the semester, my finals are next week and then i'm freeeee! well, at least until i get a job...and then next semester starts :P i like your cute poses too, you're such a supermodel :)

Mary May 13, 2010 at 11:11 PM   said...

Angie! you're soo darn cute! love those restroom pics! too adorable!..and I love the outfits! if only I look that good in my outfits! LOL,
But yes..congrats to the end of the semester. I'm so glad finals are over with! Next up for me is Summerschool...arrhh!!

your e/s look is cute! i like it!

Ken May 13, 2010 at 11:24 PM   said...

i really like ur hair~!
outfit is not too shabby too

Carla May 14, 2010 at 5:16 AM   said...

I wanted to try out WnW new eyeshadows, glad u posted about them. I also love their polishes.
Your hair looks really cute! and LOVE the outfit, especially the shirt. blue is my fav color!

hevn May 21, 2010 at 4:29 AM   said...

Oops, just saw this! Niceeeeeeeeee

Teresa July 11, 2010 at 12:38 AM   said...

Are you wearing those anime eye contacts?! They totally make you look like a cartoon character! You're adorable!


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